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NEWS: "The Hacker" will become a feature

After two screenings at Lichtwerk Kino in Schwandorf, Bavaria, earned very positive reviews throughout, I am taking my second short film "The Hacker" to the next level... 


... feature length! 


For updates and pictures from the premiere week, visit The Hacker on Facebook =)


*goes off to write*

An zwei wunderbaren Abenden im Lichtwerk Kino Schwandorf, Bayern, erntete mein zweiter Kurzfilm "The Hacker" äußerst positive Kritiken. Also heitß es, auf zum nächsten Schritt...


... The Hacker als Spielfilm! 


Updates gibt es auf Facebook - ich geh' dann mal Schreiben ;) 

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"This was fantastic! Truly, every aspect of this story was brilliant - superbly written, witty dialogue, brilliant characterizations, and a dynamic plot. Who says rom-coms can't be utterly brilliant? You certainly proved that. Really well done! Easy one of my top fav 00Q fics! I can't wait to read your other works."


- thingsthatmakeme on How Q Hacked Online Dating

I haven't got words! I've spent the past day or two reading this fic before bed, and I'm so sad I've finished it because it's literally one of my favourites. I love the pacing, I love how well you've written the characters as themselves, and it was so interesting and heartbreaking to read about Len's past throughout this story. (...) Seriously loved this fic in every way, good job! Keep it up!

- RainbowRandomness on Education