Project Real Life is officially a-go

"Project Real Life" is what I've chosen to call my endeavour to create a name for myself as writer and director. A huge part of it will be this website, where I'll present my work and blog about starting out as someone who will hopefully, one day, earn a living by telling stories - both on screen and on a page. 


Topics I'm going to cover span a wide scope (at least as I imagine it in my head right now^^). I want to write about building what apparently is called an "author brand" (three cheers for capitalism, yay), about writing, about fanfiction and fandom, about being a fangirl, about current events... Yeah, it's not really a clearly-defined niche, is it? Any marketing professional would probably be blinking owlishly at me right now. 


I don't care. To thine own selves be true, and all that, and my own selves are eclectic and maybe contradictory at times. 


All right, then! Let's do this... 

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