Meet Q, my new camera! [The Hacker, preproduction]

Image: my new camera, a Panasonic GH4
This is Q, my new Panasonic GH4, on location of "The Hacker"

I proudly present the result of weeks of research and mulling it over: Q, my new Panasonic GH4!


(Yes, I name my gadgets. No, I don't care if it's weird.)


As seen on the image, I also got a Metabones Speedbooster and a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens. 


Why the GH4?


Two cameramen whose opinion I trust both recommended Panasonic to me, and one of them pointed me towards the raving reviews this combination of GH4, Speedbooster, and Sigma 18-35 lens has been receiving from filmmakers. 


 I watched lots of videos on YouTube - above all this one - and decided that spending a little more than I had actually budgeted would be the best choice. I bought all items second hand online and I couldn't be happier - I saved about 500€ and everything looks and works like a brand new camera. 

Testing it on location

I had all equipment shipped right to my hometown in Bavaria, where I would be shooting the videos for the Crowdfunding campaign for The Hacker. So I could go straight out and test how our location - my sister's old barn - would look on the screen!


I used only natural light and the results were already gorgeous. Also, filming my cats in 4K... adorable! 


Will be adding a lot more pictures to this post soon, folks, so you can see for yourselves how brilliant our location looks on film =)


I already posted one short clip to The Hacker's Facebook page, where a small spider enters the shot. I didn't notice it while filming, but now it's absolutely hilarious. Don't worry, it's really, really tiny!

image: upper level of the Barn
Upper level of the Barn, no image manipulation necessary

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