The power of storytelling: Caught in the storm - and happy about it!

Nope, that’s not a metaphor - there actually was a storm and I figured I would make it home before the clouds broke…

But my weather app turned out to be wrong so I had 15 min of walking back to my flat ahead of me in the pouring rain. 

I could have thought to myself, “Oh damn, a storm… I’m going to get wet now and ugh, this sucks.”

Yet I chose a different story. I had left my mobile phone at home and only had my wallet with me which might be damaged by water. My groceries would be fine. My clothes would be fine. I had an umbrella. 

So I went with: “Fuck yeah, a storm!” and was grinning all the way back, even as the water ran up my trousers and soaked my underwear and pooled within my sneakers. 

It was so much fun I actually went back outside after putting down my bags inside my flat (and closing my windows) to stand in the rain some more until I felt a little too chilly for comfort. 

What an experience!!!

image: Jay after the storm
Jay after the storm, because of course she took a picture to share =)

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