One day to launch!

It's August 13th, and in 21 hours we will have launched our Indiegogo campaign for The Hacker. A few things are still left to do, but thanks to a great team we're on schedule...

Took us long enough ;)

Even before completing the script in May 2016, I was certain we'd be launching a crowdfunding campaign for this project. It had worked really well for Acceptance, and that despite the fact that I was alone and didn't campaign that hard, in retrospect. 


So tomorrow is the culminating point of a huge, huge group effort: together with Rachel, the lead editor, and graphics wizard Theobellz from Tumblr, resp. the Sherlock Meta Library, we designed a great campaign page. We even conducted a survey with test readers, which was endlessly helpful. Thanks, y'all =) 

With the help of Meli, filming the pitch videos went over really well, too! Our second editor Tina created two engaging clips, and with a week to go, we could all really focus on perfecting what needed perfecting the most. 


There's still a lot to do: the campaign runs for 30 days and aims to engage the supporters beyond the campaign page. We have events, Q&A thingies, prerpoduction videos to share, and so, so much more! Everything will need to be prepared and loosely scheduled, so we'll be able to be as effective as possible. Especially since I'll be in The Land Of The Slow Wifi from the end of August onward and busy with preproduction and additional fundraising.  

Better together

Seriously, how did I ever manage to pull off a successful campaign for Acceptance? It seems impossible now that I've seen what an entire team of campaigners can do together. Not only are they instant proofreaders, but also a great sounding board for ideas. Add to that a place like Trello, which is a free project management software that I've fallen in love with (not kidding!), and you also have a platform to raise and discuss questions, post content, and much more that will help you create the best campaign you're capable of. 


If you're reading this in the early phase of planning a cf campaign...

  • Look for at least one more person to help. 
  • Write a list of graphics or images you need at the earliest second possible and find someone to make them. If you're on a budget (or have no budget for that, like me), calculate enough time. Our graphics wizard is very fast, but that's not a given. 
  • Scour your close circle for honest proofreaders. 
  • Get feedback! Indiegogo offers a preview link and google forms is very easy to use. 

There's a lot more tips I have, but there's a press release I have to finalise ;) You can also share your own tips in the comments!