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This is my place in the realms of cyberspace. Here, you will find everything on me as a writer, filmmaker, and fan - the three core parts of my identity.

Telling stories that move you:

I first discovered how writing can affect people when I joined the student-run magazine - The Klingon Scandal of 2006 is still one of my fondest memories from secondary school. Working at my hometown's newspaper after graduation took this to a whole new level, introducing me to the diversity of small-town life. 


Somewhere between that, I fell in love with fanfiction. I'm proud to call myself a fan and a fic writer, since fandom taught me more about how to tell stories, how brilliant it feels to profoundly move readers with your tales. I found a home in the communities of shared love for characters and imagined worlds, and I wouldn't want to live life without them. 

Directing is translating:

More recently in 2009, I uncovered yet another genre - screenwriting. Verbose expositions never were my cup of tea, so the need to keep to the essentials, to show instead of tell, only to then translate the plot into moving pictures as a director? Amazing! 


Also, filmmaking is a collaborative art: I learned the joy of being part of a creative team during my time with the Drama Workshop, and love working with a crew of passionate individuals to bring a project to completion. 


The medium might be different, its scope wider, but it is still about telling stories. 

Celebrating the fandom spirit:

In elementary school, my friends and I would role-play. What started Sailor Moon took us into the Harry Potter universe, then into the gritty world of Band of Brothers. I may no longer swoosh about in my cloak, but being a fan has become an integral part of my identity.


Fandom in general has become a home to me and taught me countless lessons about creativity, team work, tolerance, respect.... and telling stories. 

And that's me and my life's goal: Move people with my writing and my film making, bring them joy or make them weep. In short - tell stories. 

What I do:

Script reading

During two Masterclasses, one on screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin and one on writing for television by Shonda Rhimes, I discovered the joy of reading other writers' scripts. 


SOON: You can see what others say about my notes here and learn more about my reading services.


Whether it's just a quick blip about a thought that popped into my head, or a lengthy review about something I've read or watched - you can find all of it on my blog. Check out my tags (to be added soon) to browse for which topics interest you most.


Fiction Writing

I have written a huge body of fiction in past years, most of which is fanfic and can be found for free on AO3.


I'm currently working on an ebook which will hopefully be self-published in 2017. 




In the past semesters at FU Berlin, where I am majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Anthropology, I found a great outlet for my interest in fandom on a meta level. I have written and published several essays on fandom- and web-culture-related subjects. 



I love the craft of screenwriting - there's no space for embellishing, verbose exposition. Every individual phrase either furthers the story or it has to go. 


Find out more about my work as a screenwriter.



My first short film, "Acceptance/Akzeptanz", is now available on DVD and my next project aka "The Hacker" is being entered into film festival competitions at the moment. I'm also collaborating on two other, feature-length screenplays - join me on my creative journey!

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    Claire (Thursday, 07 July 2016 02:02)

    Who would have ever guessed that by carefully engaging with one single inetrnet-appearance, one might get cyber-hugged quite this excessively?

    Jay, I must say...without being a 'fan', per sé, your writing made me a fanfic-fan, for sure! plus...I can actually navigate through your website.
    Keep it up, dear! That well of creativity shall never cease to...well, spill, I guess.

    &thanks for being the world's best distraction (on a more elevated intellectual level, that is)!