Films - by JayEz

"The Hacker"

Imagine a 17-year-old hacker... in a barn. That's where the protagonist of Jay's second short film finds himself, cuffed to a table and left at the mercy of a government official. She has the power to save his life - or ruin it forever. 


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Right: Jay's camera on location during a test shoot.


"Acceptance/Akzeptanz" follows the young manager Fiona who moves back to her home town after a promotion. She brings her girlfriend Sam as well as an engagement ring. Once in Bavaria, Fiona's father calls her for the first time in ten years. Fiona hopes for acceptance on his part, but Jörg seems to be motivated solely by his cancer diagnosis. 

More details as well as news and updates on Jay's directorial debut.

Sam (Shabana Hussain) in "Acceptance/Akzeptanz".

Drama Workshop & helping out friends

During my time at school, I joined the English theatre group when it was created: the Drama Workshop. It... uh.... escalated? 

During this time, we filmed two trailers for our play "Macbeth" and "21st Century Breakdown", which I edited. We also made a video called "11 Things I Love About Drama" which was shown in the auditorium.