The Hacker (2017) - Cast & Crew

General information

Duration: 08:09 minutes

Shooting dates: 5th – 8th September 2016

Completion: February 2017


Indiegogo Campaign: 14th August - 23rd September 2016 


Inside a derelict barn, a 17-year-old hacker meets the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.



Shabana Hussain - Mrs Marlowe

Shabana is a British Asian actress and voiceover artist based in London. After starring in Jay's directorial debut "Acceptance", she now returns to portray the female lead in "The Hacker". 



After living in Munich, Germany for five years she headed back to London in September 2015.  Since then, Shabana has been booking a variety of roles ranging from Feature Films to Music Videos.  Her most recent work was a voiceover for Transport for London.  In her spare time she can be found performing on the open mic stand up comedy circuit.


We have prepared a zip-archive filled with our logo

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The Hacker media kit
Includes official banners and logos, as well as stills from the pitch videos.
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Ethan Taylor - Colin

Born and raised in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Ethan Taylor trained at the Guildford School of Acting. After graduating with a First Class BA (Honours), he moved to London where he is currently working as an actor in film and television.

Ethan is also the Artistic Director of and In-House Writer for Who Said Theatre. 

Ethan's past experiences (selection):

  • Film and TV credits – Stalkers Who Kill (FirstLookTV/CBS Reality), Hallows Eve (Filmic Media/Moviehouse Entertainment), Face2Face (Jonathon Crewe Productions), More Strange Than True (Benjamin Rider Films), Blood and Bones (Benjamin Rider Films) and Our Little Haven (Benjamin Rider Films), In Transit (The Bigfoot Project, Short) and The Common (ClickShut Films);
  • Theatre credits: Mine (Who Said Theatre), Migrants (Philippine Theatre Company UK), The Old Friend (Who Said Theatre), Table (Guildford School of Acting Graduates/Waterloo East); 
  • Published poems in both online and hardcopy literary magazines including Exfic, The Poetry Shed, Peeking Cat, Bindweed and Snakeskin. 
  • Ethan is a serialized literature writer for as well as a theatre reviewer for A Younger Theatre.

Further roles:

  • Peter Hiebl, as Mrs Marlowe's boss.
  • Andreas Wilke, as The Pretty One. 
  • Alexis Schmid, as The Colleague. 
  • Clara-Paulina Witsch, as Female Agent. 


Julia "JayEz" Schnorrer - producer, writer, and director

The writer, filmmaker, and fan returns to her hometown in Bavaria to translate her latest script into a visually compelling, character-driven short. Jay has been writing for over a decade and found her way to filmmaking via theatre: she was Creative Director of her secondary school’s Drama Workshop and gained valuable directing experience at three German theatre groups. Jay also wrote for the local chapter of the Mittelbayerische Newspaper before moving to Berlin to study film and anthropology.    

Rachel Shenton - editor (film)

Rachel is a professional video editor from the north of England with almost eight years experience in editing and post production. From her beginnings in fan-video making, she has soon evolved to working in both long form and short form drama, documentary, horror, and comedy as well as being lead editor on many music videos and sporting events. Having been a dedicated member of several fandoms in her time, Rachel is able to look at this project from both a fan's perspective as well as a technical one.    

Past experiences:

  • Writer/director/co-producer, “Acceptance/Akzeptanz”. Short film, 2015. Funded with the help of over 30 supporters and sponsors.
  • Writer/director, “21st Century Breakdown”. Student theatre production, 2012.
  • Writer/producer/actress, “125 Years King Louis II of Bavaria” at Hotel Birkenhof, Bavaria. New Year’s Eve theatre event, 2012. 
  • Writer/director, “The Coffee Shop”. Student theatre production, 2010.
  • Director’s assistant to Nikol Putz at Burgfestspiele “Vom Hussenkrieg” (2012), Peter Klewitz at Theaterbühne Schwandorf e.V. (2012), and Daniel Grünauer at Landestheater Oberpfalz (2010, 2011).
  • Fanfiction author, 56 works between 900 and 135,000 words. 2012-present.

Past experience:

  • Director/Animator/Editor - ‘A Rabbit’s Tale’, 2015. LGBT short funded entirely on Indiegogo and selected for Cannes Short Film Festival & BFI Flare, among others.
  • Director/Editor - ‘All Washed Up’ Feature length documentary, 2015. Disco Turtle Productions.
  • Editor - ‘White Rabbit’; ‘Lights’, dir. Mark Kenny, 2014-16 - ‘Made4TheCage’, 2013-16. Smooth Motion/We Love Sports - ‘Eujenics - Meniscus’, 2015 - ‘Moirai’, dir. Ged Purvis, 2013. Motivated Pictures - ‘Carved Lies - The G.R.I.P.’, 2013. Smooth Motion Pictures - ‘The NX - I Never Was A Rolemodel’, 2013. Smooth Motion Pictures - ’Solfest 2013 - Drystone Stage’, 2013. Smooth Motion Pictures - ‘Day I Met God’, dir. Benjamin Ryan Schwartz, 2012. Smooth Motion Pictures.
  • Editor of over 180 fan-videos. 2008-present.    

Alex Streckmann - Cinematography

Contrary to others, Alex knew from an early age on that he wanted to become a filmmaker. Triggered by a shortfilm workshop in the youth center LUX in his hometown Ratingen, filmmaking has become more than a passion - it is philosophy of life.


His determination motivated him to quit school and spend a one year volunteer service devoting himself entirely to filmmaking at the youth centre. There, he also guided projects for others.


Studying film at the WAM in Dortmund was a quick decision to make. In the last 3 years Alex was involved in a lot of student film projects and has worked his way up from lighting technician to a gaffer and cinematographer in strong demand. He also works as an assistant lighting technician and EB-Cameraman.

For “The Hacker”, Alex is director of photography and very glad to get to implement Julia’s vision visually.

Past experiences (selection): 



  • "TLP – Hundefutter" / Werbespot / Regie: Dirk Polte / Oberbeleuchter
  • "Michael’s Ende" / Masterfilm / Regie: Desiree Dolata / Oberbeleuchter 
  • "Hot Dog" / Diplomfilm / Regie: Domenik Hilbert / Oberbeleuchter
  • "Pamcka" / Kurzfilm / Regie: Elda Sorra / Oberbeleuchter
  • "Die Balkomgelehrten" / Diplomfilm / Regie: Christian Wauschkuhn / Oberbeleuchter


  • "HairTrans" / Imagefilm / Regie: Tim Gralke / Oberbeleuchter
  • "TGM – The Global Music" / Fernsehshow / nrwision / Kamera
  • "Generation Y – Episode 1" / Talkshow / Internet / Regie: Stefan Dyck / Bildregie, Kamera  
  • "Freiraum" / Vordiplomfilm / Regie: Jannik Richter / Oberbeleuchter
  • "Nanotechnologie Cluster-Konferenz“/ Imagefilm / Regie: Tim Gralke / Kamera
  • "Myrielle" / Eigener Diplomfilm / Regie: Miranda Schley / Director of Photography
  • "ExChange – Int. Filmworkshop" / Doku / Regie: Oskar Meding / Kamera, Schnitt
  • "Joschis Epilog" / Diplomfilm / Regie: Lennart Miketta / Oberbeleuchter
  • "Shadowrun"/ Trailer / Regie: Simon Busch / Oberbeleuchter, Zusatz 1. Kameraassistent


  • 2011-‘13: "Fleur & der biestige Prinz" / Spielfilm / Regie: Stefán v. Cassenberg / 2. Unit Regie, Kamera
  • 2013: "Nach dem Abspann" / Kurzfilm / Drehbuch, Regie, Schnitt, DOP
  • 2012: "Raus" / Musikvideo / Regie: Karl-Magnus Reimann / Kamera, Schnitt
  •  2011: "Weit Weg" / Kurzfilm / Regie: Katrin Roth / Kamera, Schnitt
  • 2011: "Lake Bodom" / Kurzfilm / Regie: Karl-Magnus Reimann / Kamera, Co-Regie

Tina Reuther - Editor (teaser)

Tina, who edited Jay's directorial debut "Acceptance/Akzeptanz", returns to the team and the cutting table. For "The Hacker", Tina will edit the pitch video for the crowdfunding campaign  as well as the short film teaser. 

Nils Rehbein - Camera Assistant

Nils has started making films while still a child. When an internship at a production company introduced him to the professional world of filmmaking, there was no going back. A degree from the WAM Dortmund followed and since then, Nils has been working on a myriad of different projects, both in the camera and the lighting department. 

Tobias Nickel

Tobias is currently studying film at the WAM Dortmund. Initially making underwater image films and documentaries for Scuba Diving Centers, he quickly discovered his interest in "above water" content. Tobias has been involved in numerous student film projects, mainly in the lighting and camera departments. Furthermore, he films music videos and produces event films and image videos for a variety of clients. 

Hartwig Ross - Composer

As the son of a musician, Hartwig was born into a world of music. His first instruments were keyboard, clarinet, saxophone, and electric bass. In 2014, he came in third at the FilmTonArt competition of the BR by composing for the animated short, TEATIME. He followed this with a masterclass with Marcel Barsotti. "The Hacker" marks his second cooperation with Jay after "Acceptance".

Cornelia Schnorrer - Catering, Location

Cornelia generously provides the location for our project, namely a barn next to her house. She also returns to the crafts table to ensure cast and crew have enough energy and caffeine for the four-day shoot.  

Melanie - Script/Continuity, PA

As a fellow alumnus of the Drama Workshop, Melanie is versed in working with Jay and will prove a valuable addition to the crew during the shoot. 

Theobellz - Graphics, poster design

Sam, aka Theobellz on Tumblr, is currently working on filling our platforms with amazing graphics. She holds a degree in graphic design, works for a newspaper in México, and met Jay through fandom, namely the Sherlock Meta Library. Being an avid Bondlock fan, she generously volunteered her amazing skills. 


  • Lorenz Brehm - sound recordist
  • Hildegard Schmucker - set decorator
  • Nadine Pauser - makeup artist