Looking for a reader for your script?

Regardless of how experienced or talented a writer, a second pair of eyes goes a long, long way to make a good script great. 


I speak from experience - I'd be lost without my betas!


My screenplay consulting can be as formal or informal as you wish. It will cover every element of your script, from characters to story, dialogue, presentation, tone, genre and structure - they're all interconnected, so ignoring one part would be a disservice to you and your story. 

Notes and feedback on your screenplay... for just 17 bucks! (€)

During my activity in the Masterclass community for Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes's classes, I have been reading a lot of material and provided a lot of feedback. 


What I discovered was: I really enjoy giving notes!


Several people suggested I offer these services on a freelance basis. However, I think giving feedback is something that writers should do amongst themselves to help other members of the community. 


Asking for a lot of money for this would feel like I'm exploiting or extorting my "screenwriter family". 


So I decided on a compromise:


Since free services somehow aren't perceived as valuable - price is a marker of quality in today's economy - I am going to ask for only...


... 17€ per script. 


And if my notes prove useful and you're really happy with my work, then you are free to add any tip you think I deserve. 

Comparable services for a lot, lot more money:

Send your PDF to readmyscript@jays-lair.com.

How it works:

  1. Send me a script to read. Any script - feature, one-hour drama, sitcom, or just a scene. 
  2. Tell me what kind of feedback you are looking for (general notes, as detailed as possible, etc.) and let me know if you have any requests as to tone (blunt, gentle, etc.). 
  3. I will read it as soon as I can manage, within a week at the latest. 
  4. You will receive the feedback via email along with my account details. 
  5. After you receive my notes, please transfer the 17€ ...
  6. ... and any tip you think I deserve for my work.  

Hopefully, I'll get to read your next draft, too!

Why only 17€?

Because I think that writers should stick together and help one another! 


You can always leave a tip ;) 

Other things I offer:

Short film scripts

You want to make a short film, but you don't have a short film script? Regardless of how vague or clear your idea for the plot already is, I can work with anything you have. 

Showreel material

I own a Panasonic GH4, so I'm ready to write and produce short scenes or just a few clips to boost your showreel. 

I'll gladly write showreel scenes just for you! 

My background:

I've been coming up with stories for as long as I can remember. What started as games with my friends has evolved into active world building, and I'm incredibly proud of how much my writing has improved over the years - as any glimpse into some of my earliest fics will prove. 

As soon as I began my path as a screenwriter,  I realised I had found what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. It was during my time at the Drama Workshop at school that I discovered directing. Since then I've learned a lot in the realm of filmmaking, and I know that I will never be done. Every project brings new lessons and insights, just as it introduces us to more, wonderfully creative people. 

Are you one of these people? Only way to find out is reading on and getting in touch =)

Previous experience (selection):