"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough."

- Joe E. Lewis

Writing samples:

Me, Jay, at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, UK, while on holiday with my sisters in 2014. 

Thanks to my Muse, once is enough...

When someone says they are a "writer", that doesn't really paint that much of a picture, does it? I could have used a myriad of other expressions, could have positioned me as a fiction writer, a blogger, fanfic author or even a critic, and yet I chose the incredibly ambiguous term "writer". 

Why? Because there isn't just one genre I call home: 

  • I started out with short stories, spent one year at school crafting cracky poems about our teachers with a friend, then began my journalistic career at the student-run magazine which ultimately secured me a job at my hometown's newspaper after graduation. 
  • Somewhere between that, I fell in love with fanfiction. I'm proud to call myself a fan and a fic writer, since fandom is where I really learned what it means to tell stories, how brilliant it feels to profoundly move readers with your tales. I found a home in the communities of shared love for characters and imagined worlds, and I wouldn't want to live life without them. 
  • More recently, about seven years ago, I uncovered yet another genre - screenwriting. Verbose expositions never were my cup of tea, so the need to condense prose, to reduce to the essentials, to show instead of tell, only to then transfer the plot to moving pictures? Amazing! 

So congrats, folks - you figured me out =) My goal in life is to move people with my writing and my filmmaking, bring them joy or make them weep. 

Or rather, I'm fortunate enough to have figured out my purpose in life before I reached 20.  

If I get to do that until the day I die, Joe Lewis, I'd probably just want to do it all over again.

So, what do I write? Loads:


Fanfic taught me how to write. I'm serious - which is something a lot of people aren't when they talk about fanfic without knowing what it means in general and, more importantly, the the millions of writers who pour their soul onto the screen without receiving a cent in return.


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What began as short stories and cracky poems has morphed into full-fledged world building. There is nothing like creating a world from scratch and filling it with compelling characters and conflict. Even better when you get to move readers with your tales!


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I like talking, and I like talking about writing and films even more! Obviously I'm blogging ;) On my blog, you'll find a heterogeneous mix of things: film reviews, musings on fandom, writing techniques, how to tell stories or resp. how I tell stories, thoughts on current events, and firsthand accounts on life as a freelance storyteller.


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