Great stories - told through images

Exposition sucks. 


All right, lengthy, flowery exposition sucks. And scenes that neither drive the plot nor tell me something I didn't already know drive me up a tree....


... or, well, make me either scroll down and skim the text, fast-forward on Netflix or just hit stop altogether. 


It's not a general judgement, just my subjective opinion. People like what they like, and hate what they hate when it comes to fiction. When I read my first book on the screenwriting craft, I found I don't merely like it - I love it. 


Since then I've applied the principles of screenwriting - show don't tell, kill your darlings, have a structure - to every story I tell. I found predominant concepts, for instance found in Blake Snyder's "Save The Cat", can also be applied to fanfic. 


Every story is different, but every story has the potential to be great. 

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Come on, what are you waiting for? 

Completed scripts

I've written three plays in my teens, written the screenplay for my directorial debut "Acceptance/Akzeptanz" based on what my team and I had to work with, and my second script, for my short film "The Hacker" followed soon thereafter =)


I have many screenplay ideas that exist in outlined form until I have the time to turn them into scripts that I'm equally proud of. 

Current projects

At the moment, I'm in the development phase of two larger feature films with writing partners and producers.


I'm also actively writing my own spec scripts for both movies and television... which I hope to be able to share with you all soon! =) 

I will write your short film!

Short films are great for aspiring filmmakers - that's why my second is currently trying to enter the festival cycle.

The shorter the film, the more important it is to have a great script.

If you have an idea but no writer, I'm here for you - no matter how vague. I promise there is a way to tailor it to your unique situation.

Drafts folder

I'm always at the drawing board. I have entire notebooks full of ideas, some outlined and partially written, some just a logline or two. If you're looking for a script or story idea, maybe I have something that's perfect for you!